Mental Health and Substance Use Resources

Drug addiction is a very serious issue because it can be fatal to your health, and it is illegal, which can cause you jail time. In order to be successful in society, seeking support services for a drug or alcohol addiction is necessary. Many of the health clinics, support centers, and other resources listed in this guide can help refer you to treatments that most fit your needs. Listed below are some of Mercer County’s treatment resources and each of these will also provide referrals if they themselves are unable to help you.

Also, if you want treatment, you should ask your parole officer for help — beds in treatment facilities are hard to come by, and they can help get you in. There are Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support group meetings all over Mercer County. To find a meeting near you, call (866)-920-1212 (for AA) or (800)-992-0401 (for NA).  The New Jersey Addictions Services Hotline at (844) 276-2777 offers assistance and referrals for treatment.

For other self-help group resources, call the New Jersey Self Help Clearinghouse at (800) 367-6274 . Also, you can call the Addictions Hotline of NJ at (800) 238-2333.  Each county has a mental health administrator. When you call this person, he/she will provide you with the names and phone numbers of people closest to your area who can provide services that fit your needs.

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